Integrated Access Control

Many organizations necessarily implement security features in their facilities that are more high tech and secure then simple key locks. Technological security advances have allowed implementation of integrated access control systems in high security locations involving software or browser based door security, real-time digital video surveillance combined with Alarm system and motion detectors. Simplify the process of locking and unlocking the premises, this system keeps you in full control, swiping a card can open a door as well as deactivate the alarm for assigned area as the system is fully programmable.

  • Alarm
  • Automation
  • Access Control

Having an alarm part of your main access control is not only just a great idea but it’s got some real benefits …

  • Ability to ARM/DISARME at the same time when locking or unlocking a door by swiping a card.
  • More budget friendly as one panel looks after all.
  • Amazing user-friendly web based interface for programming and configuration.
  • Ability to program multiple areas and zones.
  • Easy maintenance.

Our security access control panel can be your essential automation solution as well:

  • Opening /closing garage roller door
  • Turning ON/OFF lights around your premises.
  • Controlling your air-conditioning system.

Taking advantage of the latest technology provide a great automation to control all your doors, gates, and even your lifts entire your site, powered with a web based dashboard for controlling and programming even remotely.

  • Add/Delete users easily
  • Activate/deactivate cards through the web based software
  • Complete real time functionality
  • Area based user management and ability to limit access for some users.

On-board locksmith

Sunstate Security offers hassle free access control installation by using our employed locksmiths, so there is no surprising extra costs. We  take care of the whole job as we are able to fit a big variety of access control hardware:

Electronic Strikes security sytem

Electronic Strikes

Magnet Locks security system

Magnet Locks