Enjoy peace of mind by being able to see, hear and speak to your visitors before granting them access to your property. Simply pressing the button will automatically unlock the door.

We install, repair or upgrade intercoms for your home or bigger systems for complexes and high rises.

We use the latest technologies and a wide range of products, which leave the customers free to choose what match best suits his needs and budget.

We are specialised in wired audio and video intercom systems as well as IP based systems, which allows you to know who's at the front door even when you are away from home by receiving a notification on your mobile as well as the ability to talk to the visitor and even open the door remotely.

Automated access control Intercom with built in readers ,letting you open the door with swiping your Fob/Card ,can be integrated to your access control system for bigger permises. We offer a free on-site inspection and quote to best suit your needs.