Security Alarm

At Sunstate Security we supply and install the latest, high-quality alarm systems, specifically customised to provide the best protection for your home. From simple smoke detection and burglar alarms and home automation to extensive CCTV systems, we can make sure your house is covered from all angles. Watch our customer's alarm system in real action:

control and manage your home security from the palm of your hand

we offer you a complimentary inspection of your house by our qualified security consultant and can provide you with a custom design security system which fits to your particular house and premises with recommended detectors and sensors from a big variety of products, your system can be accessible through your smart phone for arming and disarming or even home automation.

Our range of home alarm products include:

  • Control Panel
  • Motion Sensors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Partial arming with amazing touchscreen keypad
  • 2 way remote controls
Security Alarm Control Panel

The heart and soul of your security system, some of which also control door and garage access, along with home automation capability.

Motion Sensors, or PIR (Passive Infrared Detectors), are the most popular type of intruder detection device, as they are relatively inexpensive and can cover entire rooms. They work by measuring infrared light radiating from objects in their field-of-view, and some of our products can also detect heat waves from objects in the room. Depending on the Motion Sensor installed, some are even able to distinguish your family pet as they move past the sensor – we have a range of pet-friendly devices to help you avoid those annoying false alarms.

Outdoor Motion SensorsOutdoor Motion Sensors

We offer a big variety of outdoor motion sensor that can protect your outdoor areas like yard, shed, outdoor kitchen, pool facility. These sensors can stop people from even walking around your house for possible seeming or vandalising your property.

Windows sensors

Glass break

Pet immune sensors

Pet immune sensors:

Pet immune motion detectors disregard the motion caused by animals weighing less than 80 pounds (in many instances). Most security system motion detectors use passive infrared (PIR) motion detector technology to monitor heat changes in a designated area.

With a traditional motion detector, when your pet enters the coverage area, a sensor is tripped and causes a false alarm. Pet immune motion detectors ignore the motion caused by animals and thus reduce the likelihood of a false alarm. Features vary by manufacturer and model, but can include selectable sensitivity for pets up to 40 pounds or those weighing up to 80 pounds and can be set to disregard one large pet, like a full-grown dog or several small pets, like cats.

Electronic security to protect your property against theft is one thing, but a fire could cause just as much devastation. Smoke detectors can easily be added to a security system to provide that extra peace of mind. Sunstate security can supply and install a wide range of detectors, including newer detectors compliant with changing Australian Standards.

The alarm system can be configured to protect your premises with division of zones into areas, in other words if you have outdoor areas that would like to be armed while you are in the house the alarm system can only activate the requested sensors for the area called “outdoor”, or if you are living in a 2-storey house you can turn the alarm on for the “down stairs” area individually.

Partial arming with amazing touchscreen keypad
Partial arming with amazing touchscreen keypad
2 way remote controls

two-way wireless remote control that allows you to safely arm and disarm your Paradox security system and receive instant notification on your actions. It also allows you to verify the status of your system from a distance.