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Experience seamless control at your fingertips – whether it's remotely releasing a gate or summoning an elevator in a towering Highrise development, Sunstate Security is your ultimate partner. We specialise in delivering and installing tailored access control systems that align perfectly with your needs.

Our portfolio encompasses the full spectrum of solutions. Prox cards, remotes, fobs, or remotes access, we have designed and installed it all

Elevate your security experience further by interfacing with state-of-the-art IP intercom systems. Imagine effortlessly releasing doors from the cozy confines of your lounge, redefining convenience and control.

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Access Control Key Purposes and Features

Access Control Helps Security


Access Control Helps Safety


Access Control Helps Compliance


Access Control Helps Accountability


Access Control Helps Convenience


Access Control Helps Cost savings

Cost Savings

Access Control Helps Better monitoring and audit trails

Better Monitoring & Audit Trails

Access Control Helps Improved productivity

Improved Productivity

Access Control Helps Time and attendance management

Attendance Management

Access Control Helps Payroll processing

Payroll Processing

Access Control Helps Centralized management

Centralized Management

Access Control Helps Improved visitor management

Improved Visitor Management

Access Control Helps Flexibility and scalability

Flexibility and Scalability

Access Control Helps Integration with other systems

Integration with other Systems

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Your Curiosity, Our Expertise: Explore Common Queries or Ask Us Anything

What is Access Control and how does it work?

Access Control is a security system that allows you to regulate who can enter specific areas within your premises. It employs technology like keycards, biometrics, and PIN codes to grant or deny access to authorized personnel.

Why should I consider an Access Control system for my premises?

An Access Control system provides a higher level of security by limiting access to authorized personnel only. It enhances safety, reduces the risk of unauthorized entry, and offers better control over your property.

What Inner Range products do you offer for Access Control?

We specialize in Inner Range products, particularly Inception for smaller to mid-range projects and Integriti for larger and more complex installations. These systems offer advanced features, scalability, and seamless integration options.

Can the Access Control system be customized to my facility's needs?

Absolutely. Our team tailors the Access Control system to your facility's layout, security requirements, and operational needs. We consider factors like entry points, user roles, and access schedules to create a solution that aligns with your goals. Contact us today for a free consultation and onsite inspection.

How does Inception differ from Integriti in terms of functionality?

Inception is designed for smaller to mid-range projects and offers essential access control features. Integriti, on the other hand, is a more advanced system suitable for larger projects with complex requirements. It provides advanced integration capabilities and is highly scalable.

Can the Access Control system integrate with other security systems?

Yes, both Inception and Integriti systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with other security systems such as CCTV and alarms. This integration creates a unified security ecosystem for better management and response.

What are the benefits of using Inner Range products?

Inner Range products are renowned for their reliability, flexibility, and advanced features. They offer user-friendly interfaces, real-time monitoring, remote management, and the ability to adapt to evolving security needs.

What types of credentials can be used with your Access Control systems?

Our Access Control solutions support a variety of credentials, including keycards, key fobs, PIN codes, biometrics (fingerprint, facial recognition), and even mobile credentials. This flexibility allows you to choose the authentication method that best suits your needs.

How does Access Control enhance accountability in my facility?

Access Control systems provide a digital record of who enters specific areas and when. This audit trail enhances accountability by allowing you to track employee and visitor movements, aiding investigations and ensuring compliance.

Can the Access Control system generate reports on access activity?

Yes, both Inception and Integriti systems offer robust reporting capabilities. You can generate detailed reports on access activity, entry attempts, and system usage. These reports provide valuable insights into security trends and patterns.

How does the Access Control system connect to sensors and alarm systems?

Our Access Control systems can be seamlessly integrated with a range of sensors and alarm systems. This integration enables real-time alerts and automatic actions based on specific events, enhancing security response and threat mitigation.

What types of readers are available for your Access Control systems?

We offer a variety of readers, including proximity card readers, smart card readers, biometric readers, and keypad readers. Our experts can help you choose the right reader technology based on your security requirements. Contact us today for a free consultation and onsite inspection.

Can I have a combination of different types of readers in one system?

Absolutely, our systems support mixed reader technologies. This means you can combine different types of readers to suit different access points and user roles within your facility.

What is the warranty coverage for your Access Control systems?

We offer a comprehensive 3-year warranty that covers both parts and installation for our Access Control systems. This warranty ensures the reliability and longevity of your investment.

Can I manage the Access Control system remotely?

Yes, both Inception and Integriti systems offer remote management capabilities. You can control access, monitor activity, and receive alerts from a centralized platform, whether you're on-site or off-site.

What kind of support and maintenance do you offer for Access Control systems?

We provide comprehensive support for all our Access Control solutions. This includes regular maintenance, software updates, and technical assistance to ensure your system operates smoothly over time.

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