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There have never been more powerful CCTV than there are now. Thanks to AI technologies, our security cameras detect humans and vehicles and do the next action like triggering a siren and flashlight warning, and send you an instant notification. At Sunstate Security Systems, we know that creating client-oriented solutions requires a mixture of technical excellence and clear communication.

But what is the right solution for your needs? Should it be a hardwired system,  wireless security or a solar-powered station? Is it based on a network video recorder and smart security cameras like Hikvision or Dahua, or an Intel CCTV server with NX-Witness video management system? Or do you require analytics over your footage or even more advanced features based on artificial intelligence?

Our 25+ years of experience allow us to make the best value-for-money recommendations for your requirements, and our techs have sufficient skills to install and support the solution professionally.

Hikvision Camera Installations: Trusted Security Solutions

Choose Sunstate Security Systems for top-of-the-line Hikvision cameras for homes and businesses. Our range includes powered-by-AI active deterrent cameras for indoor and outdoor surveillance, seamlessly integrated with advanced features for remote access, monitoring and Hik-connect powerful app. Trust our expert technicians for professional installation and ongoing support. Secure your property with confidence—contact us today.

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Next-Level Surveillance and Video Analysis Tools for Businesses

  • Customisable Based on Your Security Plan and Policies
  • Backed by Intel CCTV Server
  • Smart and User-friendly App on PC, Phone and Tablets
  • 4K Quality 24/7 Full-Color Footage even in Low-Light Conditions
  • Active Deterrent with Human and Vehicle Detection Powered by AI
  • Smart Search and Intelligent Video Analytics Features
  • Centralized Video Management even on Multiple Sites
  • Smooth in Low Internet Speed with Bandwidth Adaptability Feature
  • Full Audio Recording and Speaker or Built-in Microphone
  • Fast and Reliable Storage and Data Management
  • Integration Capabilities

Customise Your All-in-One Home Security System

  • Active Deterrence throughout the Human Intrusion Detection Powered by AI technology and Built-in Siren and Flashlight.
  • 24/7 High-Quality Colorful Image Available even in Low Light Conditions.
  • Get Instant Notifications on Your Phone
  • Arm and Disarm from the App
  • Human and Vehicle Targets Classification
  • Real-Time Security via Built-in Two-Way Audio
  • Smart Dual-Light Supplement
  • Water and Dust Resistant (IP67)

Which Solution is Right for You?
Comparing Server-Based and NVR-Based CCTV Systems

Server-based CCTV Systems

Server-based CCTV Systems

A server-based system refers to a video management solution that relies on dedicated servers or computer hardware to store, manage, and distribute video footage from surveillance cameras. 

In this system, a powerful server is typically employed to handle different aspects of video management, such as recording, storage, and video analytics processing with Video Management System like NX Witness. 

A server-based system provides greater scalability, flexibility, and processing power compared to traditional NVRs. It allows for the centralized management and control of video data from a wide range of cameras and devices, making it suitable for large-scale deployments and organizations requiring advanced video management capabilities.

NVR-based CCTV Systems

NVR-based CCTV Systems

A Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a digital video surveillance device that captures and stores video footage from IP cameras or networked video sources. NVRs are typically connected to a local area network (LAN) or the internet and provide centralized management, storage, and retrieval of video data. They often include advanced features such as remote access, motion detection, and video analytics. 

NVRs are commonly used in small to medium-sized surveillance installations and offer a dedicated solution for IP-based video recording. However, NVRs have limitations in terms of scalability, integration options, user interface complexity, advanced features, bandwidth and storage optimization, and redundancy compared to server-based systems like NX Witness VMS.

Comparison ParameterServer SolutionNVR Solution
ScalabilitySeamless scalabilityLimited scalability
IntegrationCompatible with various devicesLimited integration options
User InterfaceIntuitive and user-friendlyComplex user interface
Advanced FeaturesRobust video analyticsLimited advanced features
Bandwidth and Storage OptimizationEfficient bandwidth usageStandard data compression
Reliability and RedundancyBuilt-in redundancy mechanismsLimited redundancy options
Examples of Use CasesMedium to large-scale projectsResidential & Small-scale installations
Customer SupportDedicated customer supportVaries by manufacturer
CostHigher initial investmentGenerally lower upfront cost

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Your Curiosity, Our Expertise: Explore Common Queries or Ask Us Anything

What is CCTV and how does it work?

CCTV stands for Closed-Circuit Television. It involves a network of cameras that capture and transmit video footage to a specific set of monitors or devices. It's commonly used for surveillance and security purposes.

Why should I consider installing CCTV systems?

Installing CCTV systems offers enhanced security and surveillance for your premises. It deters potential criminals, helps in monitoring activities, and provides valuable evidence in case of incidents.

Where are the best locations to install CCTV cameras?

Ideal locations include entry points like doors and windows, high-traffic areas, parking lots, and vulnerable spots around the property. Our experts can perform a site assessment to recommend the best positions. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Can I access the CCTV footage remotely?

Yes, our modern CCTV systems allow remote access. You can view live footage and recorded videos through a Video Management Systems (in advanced solutions) or mobile app (in residential or small range solution) from anywhere with an internet connection.

How long is the footage stored?

The storage duration depends on the system and your preferences. It can range from a few days to several months. Our team can help you choose the right storage capacity based on your needs. Call us today to get a free consultation.

Are CCTV systems customisable to my property's layout?

Absolutely. Our CCTV solutions are tailored to your property's layout and security requirements. We take into account factors like camera type, resolution, and coverage area to design a system that suits you best.

What about technology for 24/7 full-color images and night vision capabilities?

We offer advanced CCTV cameras equipped with cutting-edge technology that ensures 24/7 full-color images, even in low-light conditions. Unlike traditional infrared (IR) night vision, which displays black and white images, this technology captures and transmits full-color footage day and night. Whether it's complete darkness or challenging lighting, you can expect clear and detailed visuals at all times.

Can the CCTV system be integrated with other security systems?

Yes, CCTV systems can be integrated with other security systems like alarms and access control. This comprehensive approach enhances your property's security and simplifies management.

How often should I maintain my CCTV system?

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure your CCTV system operates optimally over time. We recommend scheduling maintenance annually to clean cameras, perform software updates, and check equipment. Additionally, our team provides dedicated customer support to address any technical inquiries or assistance you may need. We're here to help you make the most of your security investment.

What does your 3-year warranty cover?

Our 3-year warranty covers both the components of the CCTV system and the installation itself. If any issues arise due to manufacturing defects or installation-related concerns, we'll promptly address and rectify them, ensuring that your system continues to operate flawlessly.

How do I initiate a warranty claim?

If you encounter any issues covered by our warranty, simply reach out to our customer support team. They will guide you through the process, assess the situation, and take the necessary steps to ensure your system is back up and running as soon as possible.

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